What is TidyTic ?



TidyTic is a free software which is made to support you in managing/tidying/sorting all files stocked on your computer.


With this software, you will be able to access directly all your files and folders and have control over them.


TidyTic is a complete software, intuitive and simple to use. I realised this software in order to make its design as clear as possible, light, readable and customisable.


This software fits for an occasional use like ; sorting your holiday pictures, tidy up on your computer the last music album you just bought, sort your bills...

Also, it is suitable for an everyday use and this on a large number of files. For example, a photographer who needs to classify and archive hundreds of pictures from his sessions.


You can sort your music tracks by adding specific characteristics of MP3 files like music genre, artist, album, title etc... This way you’ll find back these informations on your car radio player, MP3 player and your phone.


The many features of TidyTic and its visualisation options will make you able to do modifications on your files like :


- Rename easily groups of files contained in one folder or several ones.

- Find back the precise file your search on your computer.

- Move / sort your files.


You'll get more informations about its functioning and its features there




The TidyTic project :  


This is a personal project that means much and more to me for a long time.



Passionate about informatics, I recently had the possibility to develop, on my own, this software. In this purpose I became self-entrepreneur and finally am officially software developer and able to spread TidyTic !


This first edition of the software in “BETA test” already allows you to use my software.


This project which, in my conception, had to be useful for most people, had to be free too in order to make it accessible to everyone. And this even with its complete version !


Also, I don't desire my software being invaded by ads, neither my website.


So if you want to support TidyTic development, help its spreading and make me able to live from it.


- Talk to your friends, your family or share a link on social networks.


You'll find links of my Twitter and Facebook accounts about the software jut bellow, so you can share them.




- You also have the possibility to do a donation (even one euro) on the Paypal account:  




I'll keep a list of the contributors and will realise a kind of “hall of fame” for them, this will be available on my software or my website.


Currently, only your donations and your support to spread the software will prove to me that this project I cherish for a so long time is not just a total absurd idea.


If, thanks to you, this software get known, then new funding will be possible, while keeping the software free.

It has already happen with other softwares ;-)


In any case, thanks for your support! Also, you can give me feedback on the website forum.


I wish you a pleasant utilisation ;-)