General informations on TidyTic :



Privacy :


Privacy respect is an essential aspect of my software.


So, no information of any type is collected from your computer, the software is only working on local network of your computer. No data is transmitted on the web or even received.. (*)


In the purpose to let no informations (files names etc) being transmitted, there's also no automatic recovering after an eventual `bug`.


However, you can report `bug` on the forum. Then, help will be given to you and if needed, a software update too.


The restoring function will allow you to get back to the previous state of your files/folders if a problem happened.


(*) : There is, in windows task manager, a function which makes you able to keep an eye on your softwares internet utilisation.



Interface/design :


Functions for display adaptation like colours, police size, maximum number of files on a page etc are an important aspect to be able to suit most users in an optimal comfort of utilisation.


In this will of comfort, the visual theme of the software is pretty dark, a too shiny/clear theme is never pleasant for a long use. It is not very good for screens either.


The software is made to manage a large number of files in a very visual way.


Current minimal resolution of the software : 1280x768




There's no restriction concerning the software utilisation. You may use it for a personal or professional purpose.


It is recommended to do not use the software in the same time you're moving a large number of files with windows or any other software.


If, for example, you’re cutting/pasting files that TidyTic is analysing/modifying, the operation will just fail and you will have to reboot the operation.


It is recommended, like for any computer utilisation, to do external saves of your important files.





Currently, the software is in 1.0.13 version. No other light or additional version is planned.


Supported OS : Windows : Vista , 7, 8, 10 (Net Framework 4.6.1)

Resolution min : 1280*768