Enjoy TIDYTIC for free :

A file sorter software that respects your privacy


TIDYTIC will allow you to monitor all your files, even scattered in your folders. You will have many tools that allow you regain control of your pc and have your files stored as you wish !





Mass rename your files :
  Easily find any file :
  Automate the sort of your PC :   Respects your privacy :
Thanks to its various name modification tools :

Add, delete, modify terms into the names of your files. Also discover its many other features to finally have a perfect name for all your files.
  Thanks to its display options :

-By file type
-By folder
With these two main display modes as well as customizable filters and other functions, you have powerful tools to quickly find your files !
  You can also use all of software's functions in customizable automatic rules.

You will be able to automatically rename or move your files in function of the conditions you have chosen !
  Very important aspect of the software :

- No data is collected :
The software works only internally on your PC. No data or information concerning your use or your files is collected.
No registration required !
No advertising present in the software !